Palace Casino

Matt Woodward built his hotel complex in the early 1920’s to serve travelers along the Pacific Highway Route which ranged from California’s Mexican Border and reached Washington’s Canadian Border. It was a popular stop for both locals and motorists.
In the 1940’s the building was purchased by the Ferguson family who lived there and operated the highly popular La Center Roller Skating Rink on the site for three decades.
In 1973 it was sold to Richard Freund who remodeled it into the Dew Drop In and Skate Hut
It was again sold to the Dunn’s who opened The Hobnob Cafe.
It sold again to Jon Ackerson – a registered nurse and is the only NW certified balloon repairman who turned it into the Cascade Pacific Hot Air Balloon Company with Sales/Service/Repair all in one shop – one of the very few in the country.

… and it sold once more in 1998 to the Palace Casino.


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