Harold Bochart

What attracted us to La Center was the housing. We lived in the Enterprise area on a farm on what is now 31st Avenue just south of 299th Street.

When I was a boy we did all our shopping in La Center and it was my Dad’s old stomping grounds. The family moved there in 1906. Dad used to tell of an Indian named George Charley who lived in La Center and was the log rolling champion on the river.

There were two salmon seasons, spring and fall, and the Lewis River was full of them. A fond memory was laying behind the heater and listening to deer hunting stories from my dad and the other men in Rhodes store.

I have lived here for seven years now and like it. I am 84 years old. My vision for La Center will be more houses and more people. Too bad!

Interview ca 2008 – 2012 by Candy Falk

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