Carol & Dick Dewald

During the summer of 1997, my husband Dick and I were looking for a home and there were many new homes advertised in La Center. We had moved to a rental duplex in Vancouver for my husband’s job in January 1997. The first time I drove down the hill to the East fork of the Lewis River valley and saw La Center there with Mt. St. Helens looming above it I was enchanted and still am every time I come down that hill. We found a wonderful home in Southview Heights on the to be developed wetlands and have just loved living here ever since.

My husband and I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa—the town that was flooded so badly last summer. (2008) We have lived many places across the US because of my husband’s work but we have found our Shangri La here.

My favorite memories are the progress La Center has made—the renovation of the Casinos, the new library, the new bridge, Our Days, parades and celebrations, the Christmas celebration in town, and the fun of running into friends everywhere I go here and the friendliness of La Center residents.

My vision of La Center in 5 years is to have it remain the small friendly town it is now. I think rapid excess growth would ruin its hometown feel.

Interview ca 2008 – 2012 by Candy Falk

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