Graduate Business’

Giving a Shout Out to La Center grads who have started their own business’s here in town!!

Don Anderson graduated in 1965 and started The Blue Flame wood working shop and create the LC Welcome sign in 1986.

Jeff Smith graduated in 1974 and started Wildcat Construction.

James   Cerveny graduated in 1960, working at the family – Telephone Company

La Center grads Sadie in 1996 and Josie in 2000, opened Sadie & Josie’s Bakery

Kali (Wooldridge) Rae a 2014 Graduate, started Raven Hair Salon

Michele (Dipolito) McCarty a 2004 Graduate, started a Massage Business

Melissa (Myers) Fox a 2003 Graduate, started Gold Star Tutoring 

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Tosha (Schultz) Emerson a 2000 Graduate, started Podunk Pizza

Erik Kahn graduated in 1978, and took over the family Bar UK Ranch

Frank Mazna graduated in 1986, and started Smokin Frank’s BBQ

Lisa Kahn Lowery graduated in 1977 – she with her husband started Nordic Home Bulders

Pete Rasmussen graduated in 1965 took over running the Family Dairy

Shawn Story graduated in 1989 and bought T.L. Hair Care

Cecelia Franks graduated in 2003 and owns Raven Moon Catering

Alfred & Elmer & Ray SOEHL graduated in 1923, 1943 & 1954, running Soehl Markets & Barber Shop

Sherry Schutt graduated in 1980 and she and her family started Schutt’s Well Drilling & Pump Service

Charlie Sheldon graduate ca 1910, and with the help of his wife ran the Texaco Gas Station