Flat Jack’s Adventures

Flat goes to LONDON!!
Flat’s at the control of this 777!!
Flying High!
Ready to go “double decking” style!!

London Town!
A RED Phone Booth!
Saying Goodbye ~
On my way Home!

Flats trip to Utah with Sunny’s family
Flat Jack earning his keep.
Flat Jack’s littlest fan!
Flat Jack was not injured in the filming of this picture. In fact, he found that baby drool is quite moisturizing for his skin.
Provo LDS Temple
Mount Timpanogos

Our museum’s mascot wanted in on Flat’s travels, so they were off to PDX for their first escapade together!

Houston … we may have a problem!!
uh oh!! Jack’s in trouble – looks like he forgot to tell his buddy not to bring his lumber axe into the airport!!!
First Class!!! Looks like everything worked out ok after all!!

Jack wanted to show Flat how they did things back in the old days!

He also introduced Flat to the man who made him into the Great lumberJack he is today …

Bob Zumstein

In sunny Arizona with Jim & Candi Irish
Giving blood at the Red Cross
Visiting with my Hero Ken Viles
Scoring eggs at the Lion’s Easter Egg Hunt
Riding Curly during the Our Days Parade
Cheering on the team – Go Wild Cats!!!
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