The La Center Historical Museum

Dinner Table
a Feast for the Eyes
Soehl Family
Market and Barber Display
Donated by Betty Carpenter and the Cathlapootle Gem Society.  This exhibit is an extraordinarily creative display of gems, rocks and fossils!
Always a hit with any age!!
Donated by Jerry & Keith Soehl along with Deborah Vargas Vossler who wanted to share their families 30+ years of business in La Center.
The Annex
Grandma’s Kitchen / Grandpa’s Tools
Our lumberjack mascot

3 thoughts on “The La Center Historical Museum

  1. My granddaughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our first visit to your wonderful museum! It helped us learn a great deal of history about my new community, having just moved here 2 months ago. I look forward to more visits and soaking in more of the heritage. The Director, Suzi and all the volunteers who work so passionately to make everything just right are to be commended for their countless hours of work!

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      1. Thanks very much and we’ll definitely be visiting the museum more frequently as there is so much to see and read and hear. I’ve been in a lot of museums and I so appreciate all the extra efforts that have been given to get everything just right. The love and passion for La Center’s museum is very evident.


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